January 8, 2020

Think twice before using any fairness cream

By Kavitha Ram

Do the fairness creams really work?
Fair skin has become a business in today's world, where the young generation now are more concerned about their health and skin color particularly. It starts right from our childhood where in the schoolbooks says that fairer girl as an angel and a darkest one is ugly. In my experience I would strongly not recommend any fairness creams where I can challenge for the change from those creams. People are targeted by the advertisements and they are making people to buy their fairness products.They feel being fair gives confidence and also they are believing that being fair seeks the crowd's attention towards them.

Most of the skin experts says that the fairness creams works only up to a particular extent not more than 20 percent.  Even if you find some fairness creams as effective, their results are going to be a temporary. It can only polish our skin, not a person's natural color. From now people must change their mindset and come out from the fairness world. Now a days these fairness creams have come in different forms like "skin lightening, Anti-tan, Anti-ageing, Instant glowing fairness cream, Anti spot fairness creams, day-cream, night-cream with SPF 15,SPF 20++. They are the combination of chemicals which are toxic and leads to the skin damage and irritation. It blocks the sunlight exposure towards the skin and stops the melanin secretion leads to a darker skin tone.

In a popular fairness cream advertisement which says,"Instant fairness in 7 days". Is that a fairness cream or a paint? Today's advertisements are making people to believe that success is because of fairness. Fairness product industry's forceful marketing plan makes more people to buy these fairness cream. Right from here we have to change our mindset where fairness creams are not the one which changes your skin tone. Proper diet and fully hydrated body helps in a bright and healthy skin.

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