May 31, 2013

Are Fashion Customers smart enough?

By Kavitha Ram

I always wonder why most customers buy so much stuff with low cost even if they have money. I think that buying things fast at low cost is a great situation. When you are young and able to find out your style then, I understand the purpose of buying low-priced attires. But why this express fashion is so popular even with the grown-up customer?

Most people really do not care about the worth and how long it will last, because you can buy another cheap product next year. People these days aren't easily fulfilled. When they buy something...two months later they want another new model. So buying stuffs cheap makes it easier for people to say: " I can just buy a new one because it was only $....!

Just because we have many options, it doesn't mean we have to take them all. We live in the age where you can buy whatever thing at any price. That's why this is all baffling! We need to know why that $60 coat is $60. You, as a customer should examine this or you can buy and see what happens. Whatever you do, look back and see if you could have done enhanced. People use shopping as a pass through filter, and retailers take benefit of that.

So how do we educated fashion consumers? Who educates fashion consumers? Definitely not companies who depend on revenue and more and more sales. What/who/how then? The greater part of people seems not to even worry about the environment and the costs to over-production and over-consumption. So why would they care about durability of a coat if they don't care about the very atmosphere they breathe?

It is indeed a social problem. Look at how the world is today. Everything has to go quick; no one wants to wait for something. And in the fashion world, trends change often. There is a certain stress to always look good and to always be the latest trends. Brands provide that. They know that always people will buy their "cheaper" stuffs because it’s trendy.

What do you think?

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