December 5, 2011

Geek Glasses - A hot Fashion Accessories

By Kavitha Ram

It is said, "Men not at all make passes at girls who wear glasses", but look at these dazzling ladies wearing appealing geeky eyeglasses! They are hot and sweet as always.

How to wear geek glasses?
Geek glasses back in way recently, but this fashion trend is not as simple it looks to master. Here are a few guidelines for you to notice along the way.

1. When buy­ing your geek/nerd glasses, make sure they fit your face.

2. Don’t be frightened to mix geek glasses with other styles as well. Urban, Hip­pie, Prep­pie, Rock,.. What­ever your flavor, the glasses will work with it all. Just let the glasses do the talk­ing!

3. When it comes to make up, keep it fresh and sophis­ti­cated.

Note for Choosing Geek Eyeglasses Frames

Geek glasses are not attractive when the rest of yours look so dumb! They best go with leisure outfits especially for teen girls. You can choose up a nice hoodie and your desired Converse, brighten up the entire look with a pair of geek glasses.

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