November 16, 2011

Teen fashion trends turns on social Media – facebook

By Kavitha Ram
Facebook is one of the famous websites of the world. FB is a social media website from United States. Facebook is the most significant in social networking. There are almost 800 Million active users that uses There are a number of internet users that are passionate to Facebook. FB is very popular among the teens and others.

Now in fashion, there is a latest fashion trend, the Latest Facebook T-Shirts. Teens from different countries used to wear Facebook T-Shirts which are printed with statements and other icons that are used by Facebook. Standard of popularity of these T-shirts is very high due to the people’s love for Facebook. This is a new fashion trend and is not so general in all over the world till now, but the demand of Latest Facebook T-Shirts Trend is rising.

Latest Facebook T-Shirts Trends are printed with the dialogues as

You Likes This, ”Daddy Likes This”, “Facebook Addicted”, “Facebook

Some other T-Shirts are printed with the logo of Facebook, or simple Facebook is written as

Are you a Facebook fan?”

These shirts are a revolution in internet based fashion in fashion industry.

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