September 15, 2015

Do you accept how your teen dresses?

By Kavitha Ram
It's expected that one day your teen will put on an outfit that you will find either appalling, in poor taste or just complete strange. While your parental instinct may compel you to intervene, it's important to respect and accept the way your teen dresses, since fashion is often an expression of who he/she is, or who he/she wants to be.

Respect and Accept Your Teen's Choice in Clothes

1) Watch how all the other kids dress by driving past your teen's school or by becoming involved in activities with your teen and her friends. Fashion among teenagers is very much a function of peer pressure, and most kids want to mix together into the crowd and be accepted. By taking time to see how the other kids dress, your own teen's outfits may seem a lot less strange to you.

2) Stay informed and educated about the dress code at your teen's school. Most schools rule out a wide variety of clothing, such as t-shirts with racy or offensive slogans or clothing that may be a bit too instructive. By helping your teen choose clothing that stays within these boundaries, you may save yourself an unexpected trip to the principal's office.

3) Accept how your teen dresses by being enduring and weathering fashion trends that you may find in poor taste or against your own fashion sense. Trends in kid's clothing change often, and you might find the next fad to be a little more appealing.

4) Look beyond the way your teen dresses to find out if there are other concerns. Dressing incredibly may indicate that your teen is unhappy or trying to get attention. It is important to recognize when a style of dress reflects undesirable behaviors, such as participation in a gang or seeking sexual attention.

Remember not to judge a book by its cover when it comes to accepting the way your teen and his/her friends dress.

Teenage Fashion Trends - by Fashion talk

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