September 21, 2011

Fashion Trends Rocks and Rolls - Return of Denim Jackets

By Kavitha Ram
The Denim Jackets are here once again. It’s after a shatter from the leather jackets in trend preceding season that Denims come back in style. But this time 80’s fashion is going to come back live in a more stylized way. Earlier where Denim Jackets were worn out in a more formal look, with jeans and fitted skirts for women.

Today Denim jackets goes more casual. Put on your jacket with rolled up sleeves for more funky look, you can even unit it with a plain loose dress, shorts or wear it in shirt style. Torn effect is in vogue with a lot of washes on the jackets. Today even shrugs/ short coats / jeans are coming in denim, with a lot of light prints over them. They look so cute and nice.

We should also be grateful for the designers for playing a vital role in booming the Denim industry. Where Denims were worn in slight cold weather earlier, today people are wearing it at any point of time, summer or winter does not make much difference. The material being used today is so superior that it does not make us feel hot. The prints over it and the styles available induce us to wear it. After all whatever we say jackets always give a stylish look, if clubbed properly as the whole attire.

Here are two images that shows the best use of Denim Jackets.

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