August 29, 2011

Teen fashion trends – A collage campus

By Kavitha Ram

These days’ college fashion trends are no longer restricted to being replica of celebrities. College students are also establishing their fashion intelligence and have turn out to be a topic of great conversation about fashion. We know fashion is an ever growing impression, which is generally borrowed from the earlier period. Therefore, here are some ever green college fashion trends.

White shirt and denim jeans have at all times their copyright on casual wears and are still hit. Now, accepting the college crowd needs, various fashion houses have started experiments on denim. High rise, Low waist, mid rise, buttoned up etc. Having bought that you can now experiment you own sense of fashion into it.

Black Is Beautiful

Black color is always beautiful. Teenage fashion tips also allow you to have black in your clothing. Black is stylish and for the college dates and special days you can exhibit yourself in black to grab all the attention.

Careless Beauty

You are at the best age of life and your beauty is a gift to you. Make up is to hide the faults; you do not need it now. Enjoy your casual way of life and stay happy. Don’t be too perfect. Over dressing will only make up stand out from crowd and kill the casual mood.

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