August 17, 2011

The Latest Latest tribal fashion trends and tips for teens and women

By Kavitha Ram
When summer comes out fashion always has a new burst of force and this season that force has manifested itself in the form of the tribal trends! This change in women's fashion is not for the faint-hearted, but if done well it's a woo some way to make a summer style statement.

It's vital to strike a balance between being too fine and going overboard. Here are some tips for getting the tribal trends spot on.

Bold prints

The tribal look works best when you spotlight your outfit around an amazing print. Steer clear of anything neat and tidy and go for something that looks hand-drawn and primordial or something abstract and geometric.

Clashing color

Start with a neutral color palette of earthy tones such as terracotta and ochre or safari style beige. To avoid looking dull, then go as bold as you dare by adding in a spray of bright clashing colors like red, orange, yellow or cobalt blue. This will keep it looking fresh. If you can find a print that incorporates both neutrals and bright then it will be better.

Wild vibes

Whether it is zebra, leopard or tiger print, adding in animal print accents is a key way to rock the tribal trends. It's best to stick to just one type of animal print per outfit though, otherwise it really will be overkill. Look out for snakeskin effect shoes and handbags to give your outfit even more wild style.

Hot metallic

For a warrior-esque look, tone your outfit with metallic shoes and. Jewellery can also play a key part – collar style necklaces and long dangly earrings will look furious and fabulous.

Get the balance right

It's not necessary to incorporate all of these elements to work the tribal fashion trends. If you go all-out in one area then try to pitch the rest down, for example if you have a really energetic print you might want to keep the shapes simple rather than choosing anything too theoretical. Likewise if you've got a strong shape such as a one-shouldered top, don't hide it with too much jewellery. Let key clothing pieces sing out, and use the other essentials as accents. If your outfit is very simple, then you can go to town with accessories.

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