May 11, 2011

Fashionable Rain attire - Rain Jackets and Rain Boots

By Kavitha Ram
Well the April shower have certainly arrived and with them comes the every so often difficult task of looking lovely while still wearing weather suitable apparel. From rubber boots to rain jackets, rain attire has become more fashionable over the years, and has evolved to include more elegant rain boot options, and jacket options other than the poncho.

When it is raining, the best way to stay your feet warm and dry is by wearing weatherproof shoes, and what is more weather proof than rubber shoes? From Crocs to hunters to Melissa's shoes rubber shoes are flattering increasingly common place and come in more varieties than ever before. From rubber rain boots to rubber flats and heels there is now a wide range of shoes offered to keep your feet dry in the work of the spring showers.

If you are not a fan of the rubber shoe selections you can always stick with the standard leather shoes, make definite that the shoes have rubber soles. In the event you can, wear patent leather shoes as they appear to fare better in the wetter climatic conditions, and are simpler to tidy when they get dirty. Avoid wearing suede shoes since rain can damage them.

When it comes to rain apparel, nothing is more versatile than the trench coat. Trench coats are not only a great jacket option when the weather is less than agreeable, they also look great on everyone due to their waist cinch. Trench coats also come in varying lengths so you are definite to get the most flattering look for your height. If you are not a fan of the classic trench coat, there's also more modern styles available inspired by the classic trench coat that you might find more appealing and align together with your personal style. In the event you require a more casual rain coat option there's a lot of more fitted athletically inspired rain jacket options, as well as quilted jackets that can keep you warm and dry in the work of those rainy days.

Perhaps the most essential item when it comes to rain apparel is the umbrella. There are types of umbrella's that are usually thought about fashionable. The first is your classic cane umbrella, the second is the compact umbrella that can basically fit in to a handbag, and at last the increasingly popular bubble umbrella. While you'd don't technically wear an umbrella, having the right umbrella can add to your overall rain-friendly appearance. Keep in mind not to leave your umbrella behind on those rainy days.

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