December 14, 2010

Ahead of of Fashion: The basics of Style

By Kavitha Ram
Have you ever seen someone trying clothes that are very fashionable and very nice, but the person is just not pulling them off? They're proof that even great clothing does not equal great style. And that lack of a few simple basics will impair any look. How can you avoid this problem? It’s Simple. Chase a few basic guidelines.

Good grooming

This has got to be the number one way to make or crack a look. Prada was not meant for pit stains. No one looks good with straggly, greasy hair, chewed up fingernails, gross skin, unplucked eyebrows, and leg stubble. Take care of your skin. Take care of your hair. Take care of your cleanliness. Take care of your nails. In other words, take care of yourself.

Nice clothes

I'm not talking about luxurious clothes. Style is priceless, but doesn't have to be overpriced. I'm talking about taking care of your clothes, as you should yourself. PEOPLE - USE AN IRON. An iron is your friend. More notably, it is your clothing's friend. Love your iron. It loves you too!
Also, don't forget lint rollers, shoe polish, safety pins, and a good, strong stain remover.


Please, do not do accessory overkill. I saw a girl the other day wearing giant hoope earrings, a beaded fringe necklace, a lariat, bangle bracelets, and those gross little butterfly hair clips. ALL IN ONE OUTFIT. Words cannot describe how wrong this is, so I'll let you use your imagination.

Find What Works

Like Cher in Clueless, I don't believe mirrors. Pictures are much better indicators of how you look. So find a really good picture of yourself, one you really like. Why do you like it? Think of what is satisfying you, whether it's the color red, a great hairstyle, good lighting, or falling in love. And make the most of it with every outfit.

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