October 14, 2010

The Shorts...and Boots...!

By Kavitha Ram
Longer days and hot nights call for shorter hem lines- but that doesn't mean we have to deal in our boots for flip flops! The shorts are no longer assigned to weekend chores, beach cover-ups and music festivals- they have found their way to the real catwalks of Hollywood. With a little stimulation from Daisy Duke, these girls show how to breathe new life into a summer wardrobe staple.

Add a black to your outfit, and you are routinely labeled "edgy"- but to me, there is amazing about these girls that are friendly and sweet. Maybe it's because instead of opting for a heeled boot, they went with a loose decent flat boot...or maybe it's to do with the softer shapes of their tops- either way, I'm coveting this look...but I may have to go back over it on a really hot day.

For a simpler version of wearing boots with your shorts, keep the height of your boot to ankle length. The leg-lengthening class alone should have you stepping up out to experiment with this look! At 5'1, Nicole Richie looks as leggy as Gisele Bundchen in all her 5'10 of glory! I love how erratic the ankle boots look with the relaxed tops that these girls paired with their shorts. You almost expect a tattered flip flop- but instead you get a sexy treat….!

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