June 16, 2010

Velvet - a timeless classic

By Ram
Hate it or love it, you just cannot ignore it. This applies for velvet truly. Even though many people just hate velvet and loathe its existence, it has been in the fashion trend since a long time. It is true that people may just shudder at the mere thought of post 9’s velvet revival as there were indeed some velvet disasters.

But the truth is that velvet does have some devoted followers since there have been times when velvet was capable of going so darn right. It just turned out to be that none can bear the grudge for long owing to the marvelous nature of the clothing. In 2010 fashion trend and specifically at the major fall 2010 fashion trends, velvet revival comes in many forms which just boost the oomph factor.

Velour which can be connected as a distant relative of velvet is commonly mistaken for the original most of the times. But the 2010 velvet trend clearly shows that there is no place for velour tracksuits. It has to be noted velveteen, which is also similar to velvet has a role to play. Body hugging rich velvet is on the ramp along with the floor length draping vibrant colors.

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