June 4, 2010

Latest classic fashion attires

By Ram
People have a common tendency to confuse trend and fad with classic when they talk about fashion. While trend is a current style and fad is a practice followed for a period, by classic it means something which would be timeless. The latest fashion trends would not fall out the image of classic attires. The classic attires are usually treasured, copied and worn years after years.

Here are some latest fashion attires that had remained as timeless classics forever. The classic suit has always been a hit favorite be it a pantsuit or a skirt suit. Though detailing in the suit may change, but the trend would surely remain. Talk about jeans and it is hundred percent a classic item which has survived through centuries. People go gaga over a comfortable pair with a perfect fitting and cut. This season the trend is up for slim fit denims. High heels and evening gowns are yet other classic pieces. The charisma of classic attires is that it remains fad almost all seasons.

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