April 26, 2010

Simple Tips to Dress Better

By Ram

Let’s start with the Basics:

Most of us get confused with how to dress better and lot of questions like, what to wear? Will the clothes suit me? Are they comfortable? And many more questions in our mind waste a lot time. To dress better you need to follow few simple tips. There are no particular rules of fashion that you need to follow for a better look. Here are few steps that you need to follow to look better.

Make sure you always look clean and spotless:

looking clean and tidy makes a loot of sense. Before you dress up, take a little care of your clothes. The fundamental things are ironing your dress, polishing shoes and if you are going to wear a tie choose the right one. Those are the things you need to follow before dressing, later while washing don’t forget to follow the directions like, dry clean only and wash with like colors. Although you can't change yourself into ‘the world's best dresser’, you can always improve your appearance by looking clean and tidy.

Make sure that you are Comfortable:

Choose things that fit you. Make sure that you are able to sit and stand freely without any discomforts. Anything that is too tight gives the false impression of being too small and therefore making your body look fat. Clothes that are skin tight looks like you can't pay for good-fitting clothing. In addition tight clothes are not good for your health. Choose styles that show off your waistline and your body nice-looking, but don't make it look squashed or compress.

Choose the right color:

Do you know the magic of colors?

Colors can make you look younger, appear a few pounds lighter, feel fabulous, look very good, can increases your confidence and receive compliments everywhere you go. Colors highlight your own natural beauty. Keep bright colors away no matter what your skin tone is. Bright colors like florescent yellow reveals low profile.

Keep an update on trends:

Last but not the least, always keep updated with what is new in the fashion world and don’t exceed current trends.

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