April 7, 2010

Pam Anderson

By Ram
No one dares to bare more on the dance floor than Pam Anderson. Just when you thought her skirt could not go shorter, or her cleavage baring top lower, it does. That said, no one wears nude-colored fabric better than the original Baywatch Babe. Additionally, unlike some of her competitors (ahem, Kate, ahem...) Pam seems to have fun wearing each and every outfit out on the dance floor. Which, I think, epitomizes the kitschy fashion of the show. Essentially DWTS is a mostly a show about kind of bad dancing. But if you own the borderline bad outfits along with the bad dancing, you may walk away with that shiny, shiny trophy, and heck, you may have learned something.

What I've learned from watching is that if you wanna put some sparkle in your wardrobe, just do it. If you own a piece de resistance that could stand to be be-jeweled and bedazzled, go for it. We only live once, so we should wear what makes us happy--although, we may need to take a few ballroom dance lessons to compliment our sparkles.

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