September 7, 2009

How to Dress Hot, But Not Sleazy

By Ram
1) She’s Got Leggings: This trend continues to have….legs. I must admit that black leggings look good paired with long tunics and worn under billowy skirts. But I can’t quite get used to many of you ladies wearing leggings (and only leggings) with short tops. Even worse, some have mistaken opaque tights or regular pantyhose for leggings. Not a good look.

2) Put Ya Freakum Dress On: If you’ve got it, I say flaunt it. Although a tight dress should accentuate your assets, it’s best to leave something to the imagination. And remember that this type of dress is strictly for a house/beach party or the club; not an office party, wedding, or family gathering.

3) Maximize Your Mini: A mini-skirt or mini dress can be a great fashion statement. But a mini that’s too short, too revealing, or too tight isn’t hot; it’s hoochie. Sorry Mariah, who in the above photo is showing way too much cleavage and a little too much leg.

4) Classy Cleavage: Showing a little decolletage makes most women feel more feminine and flirty. And men of course love it. However, keep it classy and don’t let your cleavage runneth over.

5) High-heels, Not Stripper Pumps: High heels have never been my thing. But I envy Hollywood A-listers like Rihanna, who struts about in designer stilettos like they’re sneakers. Stripper pumps, however, are not high-fashion. And if you have a pair of clear heels, save them for “play” time at home.

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