August 11, 2009

Behalf of the Berlin Wall

By Ram

The Berlin Wall, a symbol of division, oppression, and communism was also a great, large place for graffiti art. A very famous image on the wall is “The Mortal Kiss” by Russian artist Dimitrij Vrubel, depicting the former leader of the Soviet Union, Brezhnev, in a kiss with the former head of East Germany, Honecker. When the wall came down in 1989, parts of it were preserved by the East Side Gallery and are undergoing preservation in anticipation of the 20 year anniversary of the wall coming down, which is November 9, 2009.

In honor of this anniversary, Daniel Rodan, a German haute couture leather designer, has created a special line of clothing called Mauerkleider, or "Wall Clothes," using images taken from the wall. Rodan is well-known for designing leather outfits for Tina Turner and David Hasselhof (that figures). He has designed pieces for both women and men, and the menswear includes some strong pieces. It’s clearly not an afterthought to the women’s collection.

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