July 2, 2009

Rohini Bedi's collections of formal and bridal wear

By Ram

Rohini Bedi has announced the launch of new collection of formal and bridal wear . The lady of style and sophistication, set up her studio in the US in Costa Mesa, California. Her creativity is her buzzword and she does India proud, living and designing out of Orange County for Indians and other lovers of Indian fashion. She’s given a modern interpretation to the sari by reinventing the draping technique. Pooja Batra, another Indian based Icon adores her collection and even adorned one at the 2009 Academy Awards meeting her Viraasat co-star there. She believes that fashion should be wearable else there’s no fun.

So, what was the challenge being an Indian designer in the West, was the global conquest easy? “The fashion scenario in US is totally cosmopolitan. You find everything that you desire. Of course trends and styles are very different, because in India we combine contemporary aesthetics with modern silhouettes. Here, the fashion is more varied. You have to make designs which are liked by everyone. For me, it was a challenge to work in the West, I understood their fashion sensibility.”
The 90’s sensation, Pooja Batra, talking about Rohini’s collection said “There’s deep energy in Rohini’s designs, which is highlighted by the strong use of Indian colours. She’s one of the few Indian designers who gives an authentic feel of Indian design to women who love to wear saris, tunics and salwars. Very few designers, who have resettled abroad have been able to maintain their traditional touch and creativity. Most have westernised their styles. But not Rohini, “If you see her design aesthetic, it’s very Indian. The people in US love her vibrancy. They just love her cuts, colours and styles. India is the mood of the moment. We’ve made a global impact. Today the world is talking about Indian fashion. We have a huge pool of talent.”
Taking this liking to a new level, Pooja also agreed to showcase the collection by Rohini through a shoot wanting to frame Rohini’s brilliant style making her the everlasting picture for eternity shot by the Four-square man of the yesteryears, Amer Bedi.
Rohini Bedi’s dared to break into a market few brave to venture into. She’s styled Western women in her bold saris, tunics and Indian skirts. Rohini dips into festive colours, rich hand embroidery and weaves to create collections in shades of fuschia, flame red, emerald green and saphire blue. Her collection comprises of a very exuberant line of formal and bridal wear. Here’s a designer who has showcased her collection in London, Dubai, Germany, Vancouver, Toronto and France. She says, “Fashion to me means innovating within the mould and blending tradition into modern format. I like to take fashion beyond the concept of regular.”

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