July 6, 2009

Fashion Talk : Is Megan Fox the new Angelina Jolie?

By Ram

Angelina Jolie had better watch out, as the 'world's sexiest woman', Megan Fox, may be just about to steal her Hollywood goddess crown.

With her tousled, raven-coloured hair, come-to-bed eyes and slender, model physique, Megan Fox is every man on the planet's ideal woman. Or at least that is what the millions of men across the world thought when they recently voted her FHM's "Sexiest woman in the world 2009", a title she holds for the second year running.

Having recently toured the world to promote her latest film: 'Transformers 2: Revenge Of The Fallen', 23-year-old Fox has become a red carpet premiere fixture, with her likeness to Angelina Jolie – who is eleven years her senior – ever-growing.

Physical similarities are aplenty: Flowing, dark hair, big blue eyes and an assortment of tattoos. But, now their sartorial choices seem to be merging, too: A shared love of 'the-thigh's-the-limit' split dresses to flash their long, lean legs; a fondness for fail-safe LBD's, and a fancy for strapless cocktail gowns. They have recently both sported creations by Armani Privé, the eye-wateringly expensive and exclusive couture range by Italian designer Giorgio Armani.

At 5ft 8, Jolie is thought to have two inches in height and in the region of five pounds on Fox, who weighs approximately 8 stone. Fox was a successful model before she turned her hand to acting, and relies upon a personal trainer to put her through her paces from home, although she admits: "I am very lazy".

Jolie has attracted worldwide concerns for her willowy frame, which has fluctuated from when she was toned and voluptuous in her role as Lara Croft in the "Tomb Raider" films, to worryingly thin. It is claimed she follows a punishing exercise and nutrition regime.

Where romance is concerned, Fox has an on/off relationship with actor Brian Austin Green, who is best known for his part in the TV series, "Beverly Hills, 90210". She has his name tattooed on her hip, and while it has been claimed that the couple are engaged, recent interviews suggest that they have since split.

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