July 13, 2009

Emma Watson and her Fashion Transformation

By Ram

The “Harry Potter” film series might weave box office magic, but it’s hardly the stuff of style trends, unless wizard robes are your thing. That hasn’t stopped Emma Watson, who’s portrayed character Hermione Granger for nearly a decade, from blossoming into a full-fledged fashion industry favorite off-screen. Shedding Hermione’s sensible cardigans, Watson’s real-life wardrobe includes frocks from such heavy-hitting brands as Chanel, Proenza Schouler and Burberry, for which she is the latest celebrity face. It’s a surprising transformation for a girl who was fresh off the school field hockey pitch when she started the series, but Watson swears she doesn’t want it to distract from any cinematic achievements. “I really don’t want fashion to overshadow my career — that’s my worst nightmare,” she says. “First and foremost, I’m an actress.”

ON BURBERRY: Watson first met creative director Christopher Bailey at last year’s Burberry and Vanity Fair party at London’s National Portrait Gallery. “We just really hit it off,” remembers Watson of that night. Cut to Bailey calling to ask her to be in the house’s latest campaign, shot by Mario Testino. “I was really excited,” she says. “I’ve done a bit of modeling over the past year so I had practice.”

“I felt very strongly that she would be perfect to hold the whole campaign,” says Bailey, who cast her alongside five boys. “I loved the idea of Emma being surrounded by these young, cool British guys.”

ON CELEB FASHION BRANDS: Unlike many of her famous peers, Watson says she has no plans to do her own line. “I’m really not interested in doing it for my own ego. I’m not a designer,” she says matter-of-factly. “If someone asked me to do something that was beneficial to a cause, then maybe I’d consider it, but not just [to be able to say] ‘Look at me! I’ve got my own line!’”

ON COLLEGE: “The whole reason I’m going is to try and be normal for a bit,” says Watson, who plans to come Stateside to study English literature or art but won’t say where (rumored schools include Yale and Columbia). Her refusal to divulge where she’ll be studying come September has created a minor tabloid frenzy about her usually under-the-radar-life. “I’m wondering if it was a mistake not to talk about where I’m going,” she sighs. “Maybe it would have been better if I’d just said.”

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