June 16, 2009

Oh, yes. What can't you wear with white?

By Ram

Angelina Jolie's true emerald earrings did not look fabulous with the black dress she wore to the Oscars. When I watched from the red carpet show, I said to myself, "Oh, no. That green does not bode well with that black." Now, had she worn a white dress, it would have set it off beautifully.

Summer is here! It is confusing by the amount of rain, but it is and beautiful summer white outfit can be accessorized with anything. Keep this in mind, when you dress up a white outfit, you go from a regular strolling outfit to looking like a million bucks in the amount of time it takes you to accessorize it.

This photo is a wonderful disply of exactly that. Pay attention to the detail of the turquoise and gold in the layered necklace. The small handbag has many bold colors all beaded in their detail work from fuschias, to orange, gold and turquoise. The handle is made of turquoise pieces almost exact to the necklace. The gold balls that sit on the end of the handles and the one at the top actually has rhinestones set in it. Pick up a great pair of shades and gold sandals with a two-inch heel and then ladies, you look like you own the world. Take this look out for a spin and see if you don't feel like the very best 'you' there can be.

I would also like to thank Shannon Miller of Special Moments Photography for the use of her photo. Mrs. Miller is located in Cheyenne, Wyoming, yet frequently comes to Colorado to service her clients. She is a wonderful and beautiful photographer who can capture your best you. The handbag was also courtesy of shiningpurses.com. I did tell you guys that their handbags had amazing detail and they most certainly do. TTFN! Don't forget to go try out your million dollar outfit!

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