June 20, 2009

Fashion Talks - Mary Kate Olsen

By Ram
Despite Mary Kate’s personal struggles, this girl can dress! As much as I want to hate her, I can’t, because every time I see her, I wish I had her wardrobe.

She’s known for staggering around New York and Los Angeles in oversized sunglasses, oversized bags, red lipstick and very high-fashion bohemian clothing. She always looks put together. She usually wears baggy, oversized shirts and sweaters, a scarf and shoegasm-inducing boots.

When she does need to dress it up, she can be found walking the red carpet in beautiful Lily et Cie, Prada, Missoni, and Dior gowns. Because of the high interest in her and her sister’s fashion choices, she also became a fashion designer back in 2004. They had a series of lines, for everyone from pre-teen girls to a beauty line.

They also have a high fashion line, called “Elizabeth and James” which Mary Kate was supposed to have all the creative say in but due to personal issues she couldn’t. The high fashion line is sold in stores such as Barneys, Maxfield, Harvey Nichols and Brown’s all over the world.

The high fashion stuff is usually hundreds of dollars, but when you are Mary Kate or Ashley Olsen it doesn’t matter. That’s what happens when you become the richest celebrities at age 10. The good news is her look CAN be replicated for cheap. Check vintage stores and other cheap places, and never forget the red lipstick and sunglasses.

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