June 22, 2009

Fashion Talks - Lidia's dress revealed a fish out of water on The Fashion Show

By Ram
There are only eight contestants left on The Fashion Show and after this week's challenges, we are one step closer to having a winner. Last week, the designers had to channel their inner clique. This week it was all about team work when they were broken into teams of two for their Harper's Bazaar mini challenge.

The teams were Reco and Daniella; James Paul and Lidia; Haven and Anna; and Johnny and Merlin. The mini-challenge was just the tip of the iceberg and seemed to foretell what was to come in the elimination challenge because they would be working in the same teams throughout both challenges. Of the top, Reco and Daniella were having conflict. Meanwhile, Johnny and Merlin worked well together and won the mini-challenge. Their prize was a five minute consultation with Isaac Mizrahi during the elimination challenge.

In this week's elimination challenge the teams had to design a complete look for Isaac's upcoming collection. For inspiration, Isaac showed them his mood board and then let them run with it. Daniella and Reco were still not working well together. Reco wanted to design a ball gown and Daniella wanted pants. Ultimately, Reco gave in and their design included pants. Johnny and Merlin continued to work well together. They created a simple skirt and tank design with a jacket but the colors and fabrics were edgy and remained true to both Isaac and themselves. Anna and Haven also worked well together and came up with a cute short set. Lidia and James-Paul worked well together, but their ideas were not melding. Lidia is always having issues with being slow and her designs are often a little strange. This week was no exception. Her fish scaly dress was awful.

At the fashion show, Lidia and James-Paul's outfit was the only one I wasn't feeling. Daniella and Reco's outfit wouldn't look good on me, so Johnny and Merlin's was my favorite. At elimination, the top two designs were Johnny and Merlin's and Haven and Anna's. Guest judge Veronica Webb said she'd be proud to walk Johnny and Merlin's look down the runway, but it was Haven and Anna's design that sold the judges.

James-Paul and Lidia's design was one of the bottom two. James-Paul explained his vision, but Lidia wasn't able to tell the judges what body type she was designing for. Reco and Daniella's outfit was also in the bottom two. Daniella's pants were referred to as granny pants and there wasn't enough "Wow" in the outfit to be a part of a Mizrahi collection. The saving grace was Reco's top. Isaac said it was "the best part of the outfit". When asked who was more responsible for the outfit Daniella stepped up and said she was more responsible. James-Paul and Reco were given safety first leaving Daniella and Lidia out on a limb. Daniella lucked out being up against Lidia. That design was so awful the judges didn't have any choice other than to send her home. Daniella was winning challenges, but she may be a little too comfortable now. Step up your game Daniella! With Lidia, gone there are only seven designers left.

Reference : http://www.examiner.com

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